Why Teachers Shouldn’t Give Out All A’s

No matter how hard teachers try to hard (or how little they try to hide it), many teachers have a bad habit of handing out A’s to anyone and everyone, despite differences in student effort. Giving out A’s left and right can negatively affect students.

The average grade for a student is a C. Anything higher is considered above average. Anything below is below average and so on. When a student receives an A, it is seen as a perfect score, with nothing more to do. And sometimes, an A feels really good, such as when you study multiple times for a difficult test and get every question right or when you work hard on a presentation and keep your peers entertained and engaged when you’re in front of the class.

But sometimes students get A’s for subpar work. What kind of message does that send to the students who spent hours on their out-of-class assignments?

Handing out A’s like candy on Halloween can only lead to disaster. First of all, it makes the student think their work is perfect. And while some things deserve an A, other things don’t and need attention. Maybe an essay really should get a B+ because it was good, but it could have been better.

Also, it inflates a student’s ego. Students who receive better grades see themselves as smarter. By giving out A’s left and right, students will see themselves as perfect in school, and they won’t feel the need to try anymore. Why bother if anything you do gets you an A?

So c’mon schools! Take a step back and rethink your grading systems! Good work deserves A’s, not just anything that floats onto teachers’ desks!

Written by Jamie Anderson
Photo Credit: 1000 Essays

school can be meh, but grades are key

So it’s the end of the school year. Finally. The trees turn green, classrooms go from ice-cold to crazy hot. But as the final days slip by, you stop paying attention. Homework doesn’t seem as important. And you failed that math test, but it’s fine. You had a B in the class anyway…

Until you look at your grades and your B has turned into a D.

The end of the year is the hardest time to keep up the stamina, even though it’s the most important time of the year. This is when your teachers try to jam pack anything and everything you need to know before the final exams. So slipping behind isn’t an option.

The solution?

Well, there are a few.

Firstly, keep trying just as hard. Yes, school can get boring, but (high school especially) it’s still important. Write in your planner, do your homework, study for tests. Try to balance out school and fun. For example, reward yourself after a thirty minute study session with thirty minutes of video games. Give a little, take a little.

Strike a deal and aim high. If you want to achieve a B or higher on one of your final exams, make a deal with a family member so they can keep you accountable. If you get the grade, then you can take a family outing or have a family game night. And if you don’t score high enough, then you have to do something for that family member, like do the dishes for a night or mow the lawn.

I know it’s really hard trying to keep yourself motivated, but keep your chin up. School is ending soon: summer is coming! Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to retake a class over the summer?

By Jamie Anderson