role model & inspiration: Jessa Challa

Kelsey May | September 27th, 2017

I recently interviewed Jessa Challa, recent Aquinas College grad, artist, and mapmaker extraordinaire.


What advice do you have for people seeking to grow?

I just got this book, Kiki Palmer’s I Don’t Belong to You. It’s inspired me to think for myself first and not care about what other people think.


When do you feel most confident?

I always feel the best when I’ve accomplished something. Recently, that was on my graduation day. We were a really close group; we still go out for pizza and beer [together]!


Tell me more about your art!

My grandma’s an artist. I always did watercolors with my grandma, and then I’ve recently started doing acrylics.


Jessa’s Self-Portrait in the style of Frida Kahlo





You have a lot of great friends and people in your life. How do you suggest creating a positive network?

Reach out to your friends and role models. Kiki Palmer was a role model [growing up]. Now, instead of surrounding myself with beautiful people, I surround myself with role models. [Palmer] has videos where she talks about beauty and being yourself.

Also, devote yourself to work on relationships with people rather than [nursing] friendships with fake friends.

My friend, Taniah, will send me quotes, and I’ll forward them on social media because I want to share the confidence and share the advice.


What’s important to you?

Right now, my relationships with friends and family, self-love. I’m very much an activist so I’m learning and participating in different movements. I’m passionate about helping people realize there are opportunities out there for them.

I’m working with the internship coordinator at Aquinas [to help other students find internships that work for them]. People don’t feel like they know about opportunities. It’s important in the Grand Rapids climate that local people – not out-of-state [candidates] – be hired.

On the Pushed Out NPR podcast, one of the guys was saying there’re no jobs downtown, and that’s a lot of people’s perspective on GR. I want people to know they’re meant to be here.


Fashion is Heart Vol. 2





I say I’m learning how to love myself because it’s a process, one that will never end. Bodies change. Weight fluctuates, especially if you hate running in cold weather like I do. We age and wrinkle. We can’t always afford the luxury of buying attire we love. We might not have the time to do our nails regularly or put on mascara in the morning. But I love myself, and hopefully you do too, through all of it. Hopefully what I’m wearing isn’t as beautiful as the way I smile and greet others. Hopefully I’m a positive role model for others, someone people want around, because I’m kind and smart and adventurous. Hopefully the me I have to offer is a whole lot more than what I look like. But, it is nice to take some photos in clothes I love once in a while.

Do you live in Michigan or somewhere that I could travel to by car? Let’s do a photo shoot! Let’s talk about non-traditional beauty standards and drink chai tea and smile. Live too far? Send your photos to hyypeonline [at] gmail [dot] com to be featured on Hyype.

Love, as always,
Kelsey May & Jamie

On the model: “Free Your Mind” t-shirt is a Plato’s Closet find, men’s section, size Small.
White chalkboard-style text on black t-shirt is also a Plato’s Closet find, women’s section, size Medium.
Blue scarf is from Goodwill.
Blue anti-Line 5 t-shirt is custom made from Woosah Outfitters.
Bracelet & orange beaded earring from Women At Risk Boutique (check them out FOR SURE, because patronizing an organization that employs / supports previously trafficked women is the best reason to treat yourself to new jewelry and apparel).
Nail polish is from Ella + Mila, a vegan make up and nail polish company.
Shark ring is from Etsy authfashion (one size fits most) and is still in great condition after over a year of owning it.

Model: Kelsey May

Photographer: Jamie Anderson

I cut off twelve inches of my hair. The Art Form of Self-Expression.

My hair was over a foot long. So for my birthday, on July 13, I decided to have it cut.

All together, they cut off about four feet of hair which I plan on donating to a program called Wigs For Kids (linked below.) I’ve donated my hair three times now and will continue to do so as long as my hair grows.

My hair now hangs a little longer than chin-length and I’ve never felt so confident and empowered from a haircut. Maybe it’s the wave in it. Maybe the length. Maybe because it makes me look a little older. But I feel ready to take on the world.

I also like feeling a little rebellious. My hair is short and dyed a blue-green color, which is not very “feminine.” Girls are supposed to have long, natural hair, right? Nowadays, it has become more normal for people to have different haircuts. Pixie cuts, shaved heads, long hair and everything in between. But still, it’s fun to be a little rebellious now and then.

And then I dyed it blue with real hair dye. Not Kool-Aid, which I have also done. I love it so much. Not just because it looks cool or because it’s fun, but because it’s self-expression. Everything you do is an art form, it’s self-expression. Have fun with it!

Speaking of self-expression, I really do think it’s an art form. How you dress, how you do your makeup or if you choose not to. How you act. The things you love. The way your hair is styled. It’s art 1. I think it’s so beautiful that people like to present themselves in different ways that they think is beautiful to them.

If you are looking for some sort of change, get a fun haircut. It’s empowering and fun. It makes you feel good.

Do you have a lot of hair? You should try donating. Wigs For Kids is linked here.

Is your hair dyed? Do you have a cool haircut or just got one? Let us know in the comments!!!

  1. 1.
    the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

summer ’17 love

We love to celebrate beauty, so much so that I often stop strangers to ask if I can snap a photo of them. Beauty is about so many things: confidence, selflessness, smiling, charm. What makes you feel beautiful?

_DSC0078 (1)zillmers 2


_DSC0118 (1).JPG


Thanks to Bri Ross, Emily Hubbard, Taylor, Lindsey, and Deborah Zillmer, and Jennifer Beardsley for posing!


Happy July!!! It’s a little crazy that we have reached the half-way point in this year, but that’s how life works, right?

Today we will be talking about a blog I stumbled upon called Bold Self.

Recently I’ve stumbled upon this awesome blog. I’m not even sure how I found it, but I did and I’m so happy that I did. is a website/blog dedicated to helping people become more confident and love themselves.

You can join a five-day program to gain some confidence, where every day you get a new challenge. It’s awesome. And if you join the email list, she wants you to reply. And actually sends emails back, making you feel like the best person on the planet.

That is about it for today, but I just wanted to let you know about this awesome website/blog, which is linked below this. If you often find it hard to love yourself or be confident, I would check out this website. Very soon I will also put together a challenge for you wonderful people, so stay tuned.

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fashion is confidence



What gives you confidence?

“Taking time to do little things well and focusing on the things my body can do. Not getting caught up in the busyness of things but knowing the things I can do are really powerful. Also, yoga, meditation, and prayer.”
Emily Gross


New Image.jpg

beauty is struggle


When do you struggle most with feeling beautiful?

Emily Neier: “At 8 in the morning when my hair’s all crazy…”

When do you feel most beautiful?

Emily Neier: “When I use funky colored eye shadow, even if I’m just going to work in jeans and a Jimmy John’s t-shirt.”