hyype is a West Michigan-based blog for teens and young adults.

our purpose is to laugh together, celebrate victories and accomplishments by¬†real people, and provide a place of recognition for both the good and the bad. we don’t want to shy away from real issues here. we’ll write about gentrification, poverty, prejudice, and self-harm. we’ll write about how to live, travel, and explore the world on a budget. we’ll also interview local psychologists and therapists, nonprofits, social workers, and leaders. are you a mover and shaker? do you know someone who stands out from the crowd by what they do and how they love? is there a particular cause you’re passionate about? reach out! we rely on reader participation to help direct our content and point us in the right direction.

about the writers: hyype is edited, written, and published by Kelsey May and Jamie Anderson. we’re also responsible for the photography and for curating guest posts. if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop us a line! our email is hyypeonline [at] gmail [dot] com.