head full of bees

I think my head is full of bees.
And they’re just buzzing,
And buzzing
And buzzing
And they won’t shut up.

They aren’t buzzing extra loud.
And they definitely aren’t doing it quietly.
But they just won’t stop.

I’ve tried to make them go away,
Or even just be quiet.
I’ve tried, and tried,
And tried.
But nothing ever happens.

I think the bees just don’t care.
So I guess I’ve learned to accept,
That the bees will always be here.

Kaydence is a tenth-grade student at City High Middle, they often find themselves writing poetry alone, only to then want to share it with the world. They enjoy drawing, cooking, fantasy world-building, and listening to music. They’ve found that they have always been drawn to the arts and have no plans on changing that about themself.

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