Urban Predator

A.R Jones

Ankles bloody with
angry blisters, rug burns
chafing the inside
of my thighs — you
followed me until
I could no longer walk,
until I am nothing more
than an animal’s ribs
gaunt from your

You consumed me
whole, stripped the
flesh off my arms until
the veins became wilted
flowers. Left my bones
to dry and decay as I
tried, tried, failed
to stand.

Knees locking,
3 a.m sweats
where I dream
of your hands.
Linoleum cold on my knees
as I hunch over white
stained porcelain. Empty
stomachs on a tempest
mind. Find Me
in the water stains.
Lose me in the

This name of mine
lost its meaning.
There is no sound —
a forgotten
Nothing of me
left for even
the vultures to pick —
I am merely
an unmarked grave,
dying daisies titled
“What if…?”

A.R Jones is an aspiring author who dabbles in both poetry and fiction. She’s a college student who plans to enroll at Grand Valley University for the fall semester. She intends to major in Secondary Education with a specification in English so she can pursue her goals of teaching high school English. However, she fully intends to chase her dream of being published and putting out inspiring work. Her two largest influences are Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath.

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