Lindsey Miller

What do we inherit
From our ancestors
But the way our eyes shine
But the way our nose curves
But the way our hair moves
But the way our bones connect

What do we inherit
From our predecessors
But the way we get from place to place
But the way we go about our business
But the way we work play sleep
But the way we shamble stumble shuffle

What do we inherit
From our people
But the way we dance
But the way we eat
But the way we live
But the way we die

What do we inherit
From our society
But the way we wage war
But the way we make our peace
But the way we treat neighbors
But the way we look at ‘not me’

What do we inherit
From ourselves
But the way we decide to accept our inheritance

Our inheritance
Is set before us
And we are expected to consume
No questions asked
But there is always a

Lindsey Miller graduated from Byron Center High School. She enjoys reading, writing, music, and anything science-related. She writes poetry to process life’s tough moments and to express herself in ways other formats simply don’t allow for. Her poem “Inheritance” explores the argument of nature vs. nurture as well as societal traditions and expectations.

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