To the Girl in Gym Class (2002)

by Amber Walker

I’m sorry I stole your $5
But I was hungry
Those days were long
The ones with no food
But I made it through
Thanks to you
To the girl in gym class
I truly am sorry I stole your $5
But something in me tells me you knew



“An inside look at childhood hunger / poverty and survival. High schoolers are looked at as more independent and self-sufficient, and some schools don’t pay attention to their low-income students. That was my experience. When my mother was on drugs, we never had money for lunch. We’d be so hungry, my brother and I. So I stole money from a classmate to pay for our lunch that day. It wasn’t something I wanted to do. I felt I needed to do it. This is an apology and a thank you. Even though I believe she knew.”

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