Fear is Not a Factor

by Hailee Cederquist

Fear is not a factor
At least, it shouldn’t be

Fear is a temporary fence
Our doubts will rust it
Our voices will tear holes

And that’s why fear won’t work
We the People were born demolitionists
We tore off our shackles
We opened the gates
We will not let fear control us

Not for long, anyways
Because rust turns to blood
And the voices to battle cries
Hoarse with Revolution!

So why is it
That November 9th
A good friend of mine
Came to me in pieces

She said ‘My mom wants to leave the country’
So I shut my mouth with the politics
And I thought about the people

People who have struggled
So spectacularly
Whose trials I couldn’t even begin to fathom
They are drowning in the debates
And all the politicians can talk about is
What they think is right and wrong
But it’s really more or less
Majority and minority

They don’t talk about a mother
An immigrant
Who is so terrified of America the discriminatory
That she wants to leave
Life in its ashes
She is a citizen.

Don’t tell me that the president
Has less power than I think

He has the power to tear down our carefully constructed cases
To change the meaning of We the People
To We the Majority
To strike doubt into our dreams
Our dreams
To a truly equal America

Where a family can speak Spanish in the grocery store
And not be looked at
Like America’s blackheads
And anyone can get married
Without us having to argue over it

This is especially sickening to the ordinary people
Maybe not me and maybe not you
But those without a voice
Because they’re too different to have one in your court room

There is a way
We can keep fighting
We can keep our heads high
But most of all,
We have to hope that this earthquake
Doesn’t turn into a landslide

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