The 2017 Hyype List of Poetry

*published in January 2018 because who the hell had time to spare in 2017?!*

Favorite Daughter by Nancy Huang (Write Bloody Publishing)favorite daughter
This collection hushes the stereotypes in favor of authentic, personal stories and insights from Huang.

I’m So Fine by Khadijah Queen (YesYes Books)
A jaw-droppingly bold declaration of womanhood, dating, and shade wrapped into an examination of both the patriarchy and the heart.

Don’t Call Us Dead by Danez Smith (Graywolf Press)
I can’t summarize this combination of “best of” and new poems from Smith. It’s just powerful and necessary and ought to have been on your, YES, YOUR, bookshelf yesterday.

Landscape with Sex and Violence by Lynn Melnick (YesYes Books)
This collection empties and refills the reader of a multitude of thoughts, emotions, and experiences surrounding sexual assault and violence. A must-read for anyone who has experience sexual trauma and is still healing or in need of words to describe the controversial web of ideas our culture has woven around this topic.



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