what a summer it’s been

written (and photographed) by Kelsey May
August 13th, 2017

summer 2017 part 1 401

I’m learning to take life more slowly, to relax and sip each afternoon like a gin and tonic.

summer 2017 part 1 423

Memory is a funny thing, how it sharpens with retelling but sours without reflection. We post photos on social media on a daily basis, but do we allow ourselves to reflect and remember those moments that weren’t captured on camera? Do we remember to be glad? To be grateful?

summer 2017 part 1 438pic 15

I’m living with anxiety. I’m living in a rapidly-gentrifying neighborhood. I’m living with so many goals that haven’t been achieved yet. I’m living with a B.A. but no full time job. Through all these obstacles, I’m still living.


I practice yoga and hike. I try to follow through when I make plans. I forgive myself for my mess-ups, for wasting food, for being late.


I smile every day. I hug my husband. I cultivate gratitude and write to positively impact my community, this country, this world. I remember – when I can – that time is precious, and I try to trace the outline of my minutes with intention.

First portrait photo credit: Jamie Anderson
Second portrait photo credit: Bob Fraser

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