“Airplankton” by Eric Zillmer

Yeah, you know it: You step out the door
on a warm summer evening,
and you notice that the very air is alive
with flittering, flying insects of all sorts,
backlit by the setting sun
and dancing aimlessly around
like so many unmelting snowflakes
refusing to fall to the ground.

It’s a wonder how one can safely breathe in such a soup.

I imagine the air is a vast blue sea,
and at any moment a huge blue whale
might sweep silently past the garage door,
mouth agape,
vacuuming in tons of these krill
as it glides on to who knows where.

And I stand there, amazed…
in my scuba gear.


Eric Zillmer is a husband, father, and grand-father living in West Michigan, occasionally being inspired to write something creative.  One of his pieces caught the eye of a producer with BBC Sports, and went on to be used as the focus of a public service ad that was run during their coverage of the 2010 Track Cycling World Championships, hosted in Copenhagen, Denmark, thereby establishing Mr. Zillmer perhaps the most unheralded, internationally-published, professional poet of all time.  And he’s just fine with that.


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