Michigander: Music for the Modern Age

In anticipation of the MoPop Festival happening this weekend in Detroit, we were able to conduct a brief interview with Jason Singer, the solo artist known as Michigander, originally founded in 2015.

What’s your favorite memory so far of playing live?

My last headline show in Grand Rapids at the Pyramid Scheme was one the best nights of my life! It’s always great playing in that city.


Do you have an album out? How’s the music business from your perspective?

I do not have an album. Just some singles as of right now. The music business is weird. There are a lot of really great people but for every great person there are two terrible ones. It can be frustrating to separate the two sometimes.

What are your goals for this and next year?

I’m hoping to tour a lot more and put out some more music in the very near future.

Awesome! What else is important to you?

I really love tacos. My faith is also important.

What would your advice to young musicians be?

Work hard. Send lots of emails. Don’t wear shorts on stage.

Lol. Sounds like you learned that last bit of advice from personal experience. We wish you the best in your creative project and look forward to seeing you at MoPop this weekend! Follow Michigander here.

Photo credit: Adam Podboy

Interview edited for grammar and clarity.
Featured image photo credit: GOOD PALS

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