Introducing Ladies Get Paid GR

Ladies Get Paid (LGP) is a career development organization with a focus on closing the female wage and leadership gap. The global organization helps women advocate for themselves in their careers. LGP hosts town halls, webinars, and local events and is made up of a “strong, supportive community.”
The organization currently boasts over 10,000 international members (women wanna get paid no matter where they live!). All 50 U.S. states have their own local chapters.
“As a local chapter, we have been established since March. We held our first happy hour event in May at the Meanwhile. We have photos of that event up on Facebook. It was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves as a new organization in the community and get to talk to some of our members about what they hope to get out of LGP.”
What are some of your goals as a local chapter?
“We are still in our infancy as a group, and we’re looking to spread the word and grow as an organization. We really want this is a be diverse group of women (including trans women and non-binary/gender nonconforming folks) across all industries, ages, and backgrounds. We are a small team of four women who run this outside of our actually paying jobs, and we’re actually looking for one more woman to join the team and help us run our social media.”
What are your upcoming events?
On Wednesday, July 19 (this week!), there’s a “Wealth-Building” workshop at Varsity News Network. This workshop will teach you how to use what you have to build wealth, rather than chase a higher income with a “get rich” mindset. Tickets are $25 each. Then on Wednesday, August 16, some of the members are getting together for a pre-work coffee at Madcap.
If anyone is interested in following, joining, or volunteering with Ladies Get Paid GR, here is their contact info:
twitter: @LGP_GrandRapids
instagram: @lgp_grandrapids


Photo credit: Ladies Get Paid GR Facebook page

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