What Is Wattpad?

Writing and reading can actually be fun. Yes, it is possible. No more reading boring books in high school and writing essays. How is it possible?


What is Wattpad? Well, it’s a website designed just for reading and writing stories, poetry, and…anything! The website allows you to publish your writing for free for anyone across the globe to read and enjoy.

I have an account on Wattpad and love it. It’s so easy and simple to use and fun. I wrote the story “Beauty Is Pain” (linked below!) and as of today, it had over 19,000 views! You may be wondering, what is this story about?

“In this world, things are different. At the age of twelve, there is the Choosing. One way, you are sent to work as a slave in the beauty industry. The other, you live your life, trying to be more beautiful. I was sent to the beauty industry. I’ve been here for four years now. The industry calls me a senior. The models call me a survivor. In my world, being beautiful has costs. In this world, beauty is pain.”

I highly suggest people who like to read and/or write to use Wattpad. It’s a great way to explore new genres for free, experience different writing tones and voices, and try writing yourself. You meet amazing people and can get the best feedback from your readers! If you want to read something good and new, you should check out Wattpad.

If you want to read “Beauty Is Pain,” click here

If you want to check out Wattpad, click here

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